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Five advantages of ground screws over concrete foundations

Tips from the professionals

Five advantages of ground screws over concrete foundations

Whether you’re planning foundations for a terrace, a carport or an entire building, as a general rule concrete foundations are always considered as the foundation solution first. A tried and trusted method, the popularity of which is certainly justified. However, ground screws offer an alternative and innovative solution which has plenty of advantages over traditional concrete solutions. We’ll give you five reasons as to why you should choose ground screws over classic concrete foundations.

1. Soil sealing is a thing of the past

In comparison to concrete foundations, when using ground screws you avoid any unnecessary surface sealing of the soil. This in itself offer several advantages: First of all, the soil ecosystem is not disturbed and it remains intact. In addition, rainwater can trickle down under the foundations directly and no separate drainage channels need to be installed. This prevents any long-lasting damage to the soil and means that the construction site can be used again after the building has been dismantled.

2. No excavation needed

When building foundations with concrete, extensive excavation and soil moving work is necessary. But this can be messy, it can cause crop damage and the material that has been removed has to be disposed of one way or another. But this is all a thing of the past with ground screws! Ground screws are driven into the ground with lightweight but extremely powerful machines. This means that no waste material is produced, the surrounding area remains largely unaffected and the soil is not damaged. Even in areas where load-bearing layers lie deep underground, extendible ground screws can be used to build a deep foundation without any complicated or costly excavation work.

3. Special situations call for special products

Ground screws are always a good solution for special construction projects where conventional concrete foundation are no longer an economic alternative. Here are some examples. Do you have electricity cables running under your foundation? With ground screws, you can plan exactly where you want your foundations to go so that you can avoid damaging these cables. Just like with land that is difficult to access, ground screws are a great option for sloping areas where it’s not possible to use large construction machinery like caterpillars and excavators. Here, you can use our light and manoeuvrable ground screw drivers to help install the ground screws.

4. Quick installation

The project process when using ground screws is very different to that when building concrete foundations. There are multiple process steps involved in building concrete foundations. The ground has to be prepared and the foundations laid down and reinforced even before the concrete can be poured in and sealed. It also has to be left to dry for a few days before any load can be placed on it. With an alternative ground screw foundation, the installation time is significantly shorter. The installation can be done quickly and effectively without any major preparations being needed. You only need to measure out the foundation points and then the installation can begin. Often the ground screw installation only takes one or two days and, most importantly, this installation can be done no matter the weather. The foundations can support a load immediately after the installation, which means that there will be no delays in the project and you can plan fixed deadlines.  

5. Return to a green space

When it comes to sustainability, ground screws are ahead of the game. In comparison to concrete foundations, which first have to be separated and then disposed of at a landfill site after being dismantled, ground screws can simply be unscrewed and then completely recycled. If the ground screws are not damaged then they can even be used again. As such, ground screws leave behind the same green space that was there before the construction and they leave the ecosystem of the soil intact. This makes ground screws a very attractive foundation option for both permanent and temporary construction projects.


Grounds screws are a real, viable alternative to concrete foundations and have many powerful arguments to support them, particularly with regards to the issue sustainable construction. Concrete foundations are also still useful in some cases and can actually be used in combination with ground screws in special cases. Nevertheless, our concrete-free ground screws are the ideal solution for many projects. For this reason, KRINNER offers a wide range of ground screws for a variety of different applications, from terrace construction to fence systems, and from pavilion and carport construction to residential building construction.



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