Eco-friendly, efficient and safe

The advantages of KRINNER systems

With a KRINNER ground screw-based foundation, there are many advantages in comparison to a conventional concrete foundation that are sure to win you over. Our products have been designed to be extremely sustainable and they ensure a high level of efficiency and safety when it comes to installing your foundation.



No soil sealing

Barely any crop damage

Return to a green space

Recyclable and reusable



Makes it possible to access hard to reach construction sites

No need to move earth

Quick installation

Immediately loadable

Simple deep foundation construction



A method that has been used for centuries

High load-bearing capacity

Suitable screw driving and testing equipment

Highest quality standards

With our wide range of standard ground screws, here at KRINNER we have the perfect solution for any conceivable application. What’s more, we can even tailor-make special ground screws for individual projects. As part of our KRINNER services, we guarantee an on-time and complete delivery directly to the construction site. 

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