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Our guest article "Screws instead of concrete“ appeared in the 32-page special supplement "Sustainable Living" on May 25, 2022 in the total…

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Sustainability is the Key

With the Cubushome WOLF System GmbH thinks holistically, which is why sustainability starts with the foundation – it starts with a KRINNER ground…

The new KRINNER DIY assortment

With our new U-series and the new small G-series you get products in the usual high quality at affordable prices. We are replacing our complete U66-…
Tips from building contractors

Why is the soil a decisive factor in foundation construction?

Are you planning on constructing a building, carport or garage and are wondering why you need to get a soil survey performed? A soil survey can give…
Tips from the professionals

Which solutions are available for surface and deep foundations?

There are various options when it comes to designing structure foundations. A surface or deep foundation must be chosen depending on the composition…
Tips from the professionals

Five advantages of ground screws over concrete foundations

Whether you’re planning foundations for a terrace, a carport or an entire building, as a general rule concrete foundations are always considered as…
Tips from the professionals

Six important things that you should bear in mind when installing screw foundations

Foundations made with ground screws offer many advantages and have just the same load-bearing capacity and security as classic concrete foundations.…
Load tests
Tips from the professionals

Where do ground screws get their stability from?

Ground screws are an innovative and concrete-free alternative for foundation construction. It’s a solution that is still relatively unknown and that…

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