Your questions about ground screws

What is a ground screw?

Ground screws are made from steel and are mostly galvanised components for foundation construction. They are driven into the ground either manually or with a ground screw driver. During the driving in, the surrounding soil is pushed to the sides and compressed. This is how the ground screw is stabilised and can bear the same loads as conventional concrete foundations.

Can I use ground screws on all types of substrates?

How do I determine how many ground screws I need for my project?

How are the ground screws installed?

Can I install the ground screws myself?

Where can I get ground screws for my construction project?

Does earth need to be moved or concreted over when using ground screws?

Can I reuse a ground screw after dismantling a previous foundation?

What is the entire process like, from the planning to using the ground screws?

What do you mean by “an approval on a case-by-case basis”?

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