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All KRINNER screw drivers are light but powerful. We have the perfect ground screw driver for any application.
Expertise and a passion for customer service We can answer any questions that you may have about ground screws.
From Straßkirchen in Lower Bavaria, to the entire world. KRINNER drives forward sustainable foundation construction on a global scale.
KRINNER screw foundations are an economical and sustainable solution for the installation of elevated solar systems.
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KRINNER ground screws are a sustainable alternative to classic concrete foundations. Grounds screws can be used as point foundations in surface foundations, as well as in economic deep foundations.
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Technical Data Sheet U Series Basic info KSF U 60x865-111 KSF U 60x730-111 Nominal length (mm) 865 tube diameter (mm) 60 Weight (kg) 3.30 Item number 21035 730 60 2.90 21033 Construction •…
Technical Data Sheet U Series Basic info KSF U 60x730-71 Nominal length (mm) 730 Tube diameter (mm) 60 Weight (kg) 2.70 Item number 21031 KSF U 60x550-71 550 60 2.40 21030 Construction • Coating:…
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