V 76

V 76x3.6x1500 PT


Nominal length 1.500 mm
Inner Diameter 76 mm
Weight 11 kg
Article number 25655
Inner Diameter 76 mm
Inner diameter 69 mm
Octagon height 180 mm
Thread length 550 mm
Thread pitch 50 mm

Areas of application

Timber construction and landscaping Timber construction and landscaping


  • Continuous welded helices
  • Average zinc layer thickness 70 μm in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1461
  • Extra-hard Hardox drive point
  • 2.5 mm thread


The PT is the base element of the V-series and is always needed for the installation. The point and the thread help to facilitate a quick feed into the soil. Depending on the soil composition, an extension may be used. However, the PT may already be sufficient for a surface foundation if the soil composition is suitable. If this is the case, then only the head with the connecting flange needs to be installed afterwards.

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