Ultra-fast charging station in Denmark

The ultra-fast charging station Knudshoved is a high-capacity electric charging station at the "Great Bealt Bridge", which connects the Danish islands of Funen and Zealand. It is therefore conveniently located on Denmark's main traffic road.

The charging station is near the sea and thus on a difficult site. A stable ground was only reached at a depth of eight meters. That is why the extendable KRINNER ground screws of the V series were used, which were classified as the best solution for this project, both technically, ecologically and economically.

The Knudshoved station is one of several new high-capacity electric charging stations built in Denmark and designed by the charging station operator "Clever and Cobe Architects". They are part of a huge Nordic infrastructure project that supports the energy transition in the local transport sector.

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Project name Ultra-fast charging station in Knudshoved
City Hjejlevej 107, 5800 Nyborg
Country Danmark
Date September 2019
Execution time 2 days
Employer Clever & COBE Architects
Executor Fremtidens Fundament ApS
Products used 8 x V 114x5x2000 PT DIBt-approved , 40 x V 114x5x1500 ET DIBt-approved
Dealer Fremtidens Fundament ApS
Photos Design: Clever & COBE Architects. Photos: Rasmus Hjortshøj, Fremtidens Fundament
Application area
Sustainable construction Sustainable construction


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