A tree-top hotel in Als Odde

The project consists of several small tree houses situated in a remote and calm forest on the banks of the Mariager Fjord. Each house lies 4-8 metres above the forest floor and is built around a large tree which also runs through the small home. They are large enough for four people and are fully equipped with electricity, running water, a kitchen and a toilet, as well as a roof terrace.

The tree houses stand on four steel pillars which are fastened to Krinner ground screws. The customer chose to use ground screws for this project as they wanted an environmentally-friendly foundation construction method that would not permanently damage the roots of the trees or the forest floor.

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Project name Tree-top hotel in Als Odde
City Als Oddevej 76, 9560 Hadsund
Country Danmark
Employer Løvtag ApSt, 8270 Højbjerg, Denmark
Executor Fremtidens Fundament
Products used 5 x V 114x5x2000 PT DIBt-approved , 8 x V 89x5x2000 PT DIBt-approved
Dealer Fremtidens Fundament ApS
Photos Løvtag Treetop Hotel. Photos: Søren Lassen
Application area
Sustainable construction Sustainable construction


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