Post foundation of a terrace

  • Post foundation of an existing terrace on a detached house affected by subsidence using KRINNER ground screws

  • KRINNER ground screws are ideal for use in cramped space conditions or in residential areas

  • Far less noise and vibration pollution

  • No costly on-site services such as power connection or construction water

  • No large area or disposal of the drilling suspensions needed

  • Working with a hand carriage, eliminating the need for time-consuming constructions

  • Equipment: "only" with a trailer instead of a truck and low loader

  • Work can be carried out by just 2 men

This system can also be used in hard-to-reach areas where there is no access for heavy equipment.

Project name Post foundation of a terrace
City Hatten
Country Deutschland
Date June 2021
Execution time 1 day
Executor Neidhardt Grundbau
Products used 4 x V 114x5x1500 ET DIBt-approved
Dealer KRINNER Schraubfundamente
Application area
Sustainable construction Sustainable construction


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