Organic Hotel Kenners Landlust

KRINNER Schraubfundamente GmbH is proud to supply the foundations for the sustainable forest apartments of the organic hotel “Kenners Landlust” in Göhrde (Wendland, GER). These unique accommodations, 3.50 meters above the ground, offer guests relaxing views of forests and meadows.

Our KRINNER ground screws enable a minimally invasive installation that conserves the soil and protects the forest ecosystem. They speed up the construction process and significantly reduce the environmental impact. The stable foundations ensure the safety and longevity of the 12 tree house units for up to 20 guests.

The project is all about sustainability. Our environmentally friendly screw foundations minimize the impact on the soil structure and protect the tree roots. The foundations are laid on site with consideration for the root structure and under the supervision of experts. This method is a sustainable alternative to CO₂-intensive concrete and contributes to the preservation of the natural environment.

Further details at Heinze.de 

Project name Kenners Landlust
City Göhrde
Country Deutschland
Dealer KRINNER Schraubfundamente
Floor area 474m²
Application area
Sustainable construction Sustainable construction


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