Noise Barrier Walls for Deutsche Bahn

The project consists of a series of noise barriers, which are based on KRINNER Ground Screws in Brey, Rhineland-Palatinate. The noise barriers are intended to provide the necessary noise protection for local residents. For the foundation of the noise barriers, 151 KRINNER Ground Screws (length 4.25 - 5.5m, diameter 40.6 cm) were installed by the sub-contractor infra-tec. The noise barriers extend over a length of approx. 700m and are 3m high. The decisive factor in Deutsche Bahn's choice of KRINNER ground screws for this project was the fact that it is a highly sustainable construction method, which is also particularly low-noise and low-vibration. KRINNER Ground Screws also impress with their fast installation time, which ensures a short rail-blocking time and thus reduces installation costs. 

Project Overview

Blog article

Project name Noise Barrier Wall for DB
City Brey, Rhinelande-Palatinate
Country Deutschland
Date November 2023
Execution time 7 days
Employer Deutsche Bahn (German Rail)
Executor Infra-Tec
Products used 151 x SMU KSF X 406x5500 SMU-660
Dealer KRINNER Schraubfundamente
Floor area 700m Length
Application area
Traffic engineering and infrastructure Traffic engineering and infrastructure


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