Our Spanish KRINNER partner has used Ground Screws to anchor the grandstands at the Barcelona - Catalunya circuit. This is the third year in a row that our products have been used for the Moto GP and Formula 1 events.

280 pieces of KSF M76x1600-M16 screws were installed to secure the grandstands with roofs and ensure they could withstand wind suction. These stands are erected and dismantled every season, so the ability to remove and reuse the product is crucial.

“By using KRINNER Ground Screws, we don't have to use several tons of concrete blocks to anchor the structure, which results in significant cost savings in logistics,” says César Ramirez of Ecoresystems.


Project name Formula 1 Curcuit Barcelona
City Barcelona
Country Deutschland
Executor KRINNER Spain - Ecoresystems
Products used 280 x M 76x1600-M16
Dealer KRINNER Schraubfundamente


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