2 new apartment buildings on Norderney Island

KRINNER Ground Screws for ready-to-use apartment buildings on Norderney Island.

The two apartment buildings each have a rectangular floor plan with external dimensions of 34 m x 13 m. They each consist of 8 residential units and have a first floor with an upper floor and a fully developed attic.

Due to the scheduling situation (construction season from October to May on Norderney), an accelerated construction method is required. For this reason, the foundation is made using a pile grid of steel screw piles. This innovative form of foundation, which is carried out in close coordination and supervision by the soil expert, minimizes soil excavation and soil replacement and also significantly shortens the duration of the foundation work.

Material: 230 pcs KRINNER Ground Screws V140 SMUs with 4m extensions

Machines: KRD 30, KRP 25.000

Durch die Bauweise können 207 Tonnen CO2 gebunden werden. 

Project name 2 apartment buildings on Norderney Island
City Norderney
Country Deutschland
Date November 2021
Execution time 14 days
Employer Hofschröer
Executor Bauunternehmung Hofschröer GmbH & Co. KG
Products used 230 x V 140x6.3x2000 PT DIBt-approved
Dealer KRINNER Schraubfundamente
Floor area respectively 34m x 13m
Application area
Sustainable construction Sustainable construction


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