F 76x1600-R


Nominal length 1.600 mm
Inner Diameter 76,10 mm
Weight 12 kg
Article number 25478
Inner Diameter 76,10 mm
Affliction * 35 kN
Inner diameter 68.90 mm
Borehole diameter 6 x ∅ 11
Pitch circle diameter 116 mm
Flange length 189 mm
Flange thickness 5 mm
Flange width 140 mm
Oblong hole bore grid 100 mm
Oblong hole length 49 mm
Oblong hole diameter 11 mm

Areas of application

Timber construction and landscaping Timber construction and landscaping


  • Flange: S355 Sheet
  • Continuous welded helices
  • Coating: Hot-dip galvanised according to DIN EN ISO 1461

The specified values for the possible external load-bearing capacity were determined for soil: loam, semi-solid (TL; TM). The information is only given for a first selection of possible screw foundation types in the design level. The basis for a final foundation design are load tests on site as well as a static verification of the internal load-bearing capacity of the KRINNER screw foundations. The Construction Products Act, the Construction Products Regulation, other regulations of the EC and the respective state building regulations must be taken into account.


The F-series ground screws are equipped with round or square flanges. The fixation of the bearing object made possible by this ensures the highest possible stability and safety, even with large or extreme structural loads.


Technical data sheet KSF F 76x1600-R

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