Cubushome show house in Osterhofen

Cubushome sets new standards in urban and sustainable residential construction, a modular construction concept that optimally combines functionality and design. The cubushome is a fully functional wooden house that is available in two design variants.

With this concept, sustainability is the program, so the whole house is designed for the lowest possible CO2 consumption. With appropriate insulation, triple-glazed windows, a PV system and infrared heating panels, the living concept is a role model in terms of energy efficiency and functionality. Wolf System GmbH thinks holistically with Cubushome, which is why sustainability starts here with the foundation, or rather, with the foundation with KRINNER ground screws.

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Project name Cubushome show house
City Am Stadtwald 20, 94486 Osterhofen
Country Deutschland
Date March 2019
Execution time 1 day
Employer Wolf System GmbH
Executor Wolf System GmbH
Photos Wolf System Gmbh
Application area
Sustainable construction Sustainable construction


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