MINIS d.o.o.

Velika Pirešica 1
3310 Zalec
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  • Installation of railings using Krinner ground screws

The main activity of the company is the manufacture of railings, doors, canopies, stairs and individual parts made of metal and stainless steel for fences and gates. MINIS d.o.o. also offers additional training for working with new materials. Therefore, they can successfully adapt to market demand. All of these are the reasons why MINIS d.o.o. stood very quickly side by side with trustworthy companies from their industry. The company is one of the largest suppliers in Slovenia in the field of panel fences, sliding and wing doors, automatic locks, canopies, motorized drives and other locksmith products and services.

A special feature is the installation of all slab railings on Krinner screw foundations, ie without concreting, which, in addition to the highest quality, enables the entire structure to be moved or dismantled. New to the range are products to protect entire storage areas (shelves, edges, floors, security locks, etc.) from Boplan. MINIS d.o.o. has a constant inventory of most of the items in its range in its warehouse and in production. As a result, they guarantee very short delivery times and services with their own mechanization by the team of installers, builders and logistics specialists.

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