Track Screw LTD.

Cotswold View, St Johns Road, Slimbridge
GL2 7DB Gloucestershire
United Kingdom
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  • Track Screw Ltd (TSL) is not an installation company. The company can supply Krinner screw foundations and rent unique installation equipment. TSL also trains and certifies your installers and supports you in the selection of ground screws in the tendering phase. As soon as the orders have been received, TSL can carry out complete calculations, declarations of conformity for LUL and NWR as well as tests on site. Alternatively, test kits can be rented and TSL can train operators in their use.

Track Screw Ltd is a company offering the supply of ground screws and the rental of unique installation equipment. A single ground screw can replace a cubic meter of concrete and can be installed and loaded in less than 10 minutes! Track Screw is a British trade name for conical ground screws, not to be confused with spiral piles or parallel screw piles.

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Peter Verso


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