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  • 4K is the distributor and assembly specialist for KRINNER ground screws in Belgium

4K is the distributor and assembly specialist for KRINNER ground screws in Belgium. These ground screws offer a substantial foundation advantage. Time-consuming digging and concreting is a thing of the past. With KRINNER, the installation of traffic signs, flagpoles, venues, solar module constructions etc. is quick, storm-proof and, above all, time and cost-saving.

In addition, 4K is a leader in acoustic and visual signaling devices for the industry and automotive. These devices make us aware of impending dangers and ask us to take certain measures. In this way, they contribute to our security. As an importer of sirens and beacons, 4K is your point of contact.

The sale of materials for connecting, protecting and identifying wires and cables is also an important pillar of the company. Cable lugs, wire end ferrules, heat shrink tubing, cable ties, markings and other products have no secrets for them. They are proud of our cooperation with manufacturers such as HellermannTyton, DSG-Canusa, 3M Grafoplast, Fleximark, GLW and many others.

4K sells Adaro's renowned Adalit. Professional flashlights and helmet lamps for the demanding user in dangerous conditions. Experts worldwide such as fire departments, chemicals, gas companies etc. have relied on these lamps for many years. 4K is your technical knowledge center for advice and ATEX-certified repairs.

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