Krinner Fundamente GmbH

Steinebach 18/209
6850 Dornbirn
+43 5572 40766
  • Advice, planning and installation for modern foundation construction with Krinner ground screws in the contract area Austria, Principality of Liechtenstein and South Tyrol

Krinner Fundamente GmbH is a company of Seidl Holding GmbH. The company's roots are its strength. In the implementation of ideas. From concept to solution. All from a single source. That is our passion. Krinner Fundamente GmbH finds the optimum for its customers. And their customers.

Krinner Fundamente GmbH has continuously developed. They have further developed their know-how and adapted them to changing needs. Krinner Fundamente GmbH is a company. With corporate culture. With flexible company structures. Steurer Systems is an innovative producer and reliable service provider. Worldwide.

In August 2020 the company was renamed to Krinner Fundamente GmbH.

Din kontaktperson

Verkaufsaußendienst und Sales
Helmuth Großmayer


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