Kötter + Siefker GmbH & Co KG

Hansastraße 15-17
49504 Lotte
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March 1920: The Kötter + Siefker company was founded by the merchants Bernhard Kötter and Georg Siefker. 1955: Change of corporate form to an open trading company Mr. Karl-Theo Siefker and Mr. Bernhard Kötter jr. became co-owners. 1970: Foundation of the sister company for the nationwide marketing of aluminum flagpoles and accessories, as well as fittings for profile systems. Development of a service program: assembly, commissioning and maintenance of automatic door and gate systems. Construction of another hall of 500 m² for the storage of aluminum profile systems (FWB).

1983: Change of company form to GmbH & Co. KG on July 1st 1983. Kötter + Siefker becomes the first German Forster representative for profile systems in the area of preventive fire and smoke protection. 2020: 50th anniversary of Alkuba on January 19, 2020. 100th anniversary of Kötter + Siefker on March 1st, 2020.

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Dirk Böttcher
Vertrieb Innendienst
Dominik Erfmann


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